We're Just Starting Stage Two of The Great Reset Launch, but Stage Three Is Likely Imminent

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1 year ago

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Let me start with a word of encouragement. In these crazy times, it's easy for people to lose hope and thereby lose the will to fight. That's what the powers-that-be want. If we keep fighting, we can delay and possibly even stop their nefarious plans.

It really comes down to God's will. If we are, as many believe, in the end times prophesied in Revelation and other books of the Bible, then we will not be able to stop The Great Reset or a similar iteration of globalism from coming to pass. If what we are seeing in the world is simply a type or echo of the end times, then we will be able to stop it eventually.

But here's the thing. Regardless of whether we are on the verge of the Biblical end times or not, our mission at this time remains the same. First and foremost, we must continuously serve our Lord and Savior. We must pray, share the Gospel, and live as the Bible instructs. That will never change.

Second, we must become informed about what's happening in the world, sifting through the propaganda and lies to find the nuggets of truth that are out there. As we continue to expand our knowledge, we must share it. For some, that means talking to friends and family so they are hopefully less susceptible to the machinations of the powers-that-be. For others, it means getting the word out to the masses; this is what I'm doing here.

Third, we must prepare for the fights that are coming. To do this, we must separate ourselves as best we can from the things that either keep us beholden to and dependent on the powers-that-be, or the things that may force us into subjugation in the future. They will come for those who resist. They already are. Fighting is not for everyone, but defending oneself and one's family should be a priority second only to the service of God. Either way, it's best to be prepared to detach as best we can from societal constraints and requirements. I will get into that later. It's time to get to the meat of the article and discuss The Great Reset.

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