How Do We Get Out of This Global Crisis?

Published March 4, 2022 221 Views

It's important to see the Big Picture of what's going on. Yet one of the biggest challenges to overcome in that process is the Cognitive Dissonance. Even if there wasn't censorship, information control and reality control... even if people had access to the truth, it's so hard to face when they're in that state of dissonance. The depravation of human rights is taking place without most people realizing. It's the same thing that keeps abuse victims in the relationship. The perpetrator flattens the target's self-worth, making them believe that they're not worthy of basic human dignity. This is why people don't even realize we're losing our basic human rights around the world. The perpetrators want to violate our consent and coerce our compliance. This theme will continue from crisis to crisis until we remember our God-given worthiness as humans, which no earthly master has the right to take from us.

Clip from the Q&A during the Grand Jury Day #4: Injections & Psychological Warfare
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Meredith Miller

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