NBC Reports That 14,000 ES&S Voting Machines Are Connected To The Internet

Published March 3, 2022 6,132 Views

NBC News casually mentioning 10-months before the 2020 election that ES&S is using 14,000 modems to connect voting machines to the internet.

Featuring a "top computer scientist" explaining to you "once a hacker starts talking to the voting machine through the modem they can hack the software in the voting machine and make it cheat in future elections."

Followed by a "cyber security expert" explaining how he warned election officials in August of 2019 that their voting machines were online, but they still hadn't taken them offline in January of 2020.

Don't worry ES&S was only using 14,000 DS200 tabulators with online modems. I'm sure no one hacked into a single one during the "most secure election in US history".

It's not like NBC News ran a special telling hackers 14,000 tabulators are connected to the internet.


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