LIVE: Putin's War on Bio-Labs, Pfizer Witness Exposes Safety Trials, David J. Harris Blasts Biden

Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Ariyana Love returns to discuss Putin's purging of bioweapon labs in Syria and now in Ukraine.
27 year veteran Jarome Bell joins Stew to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine, as NATO continues to feign intervention while Kiev spreads propaganda and refuses to surrender.

He's also running for Congress in Virginia:
Covid researcher turned whistleblower B
rook Jackson shares never before heard dark details of Pfizer’s stage 3 vaccine trials. She witnessed disgusting practices, but hasn't been able to tell anyone due to overwhelming legal intimidation. That ended today!
And, David J. Harris Jr. addresses Joe Biden's State of Failure and the clapping seals of Congress who are happy to obsess and cry over Ukraine while ignoring the corruption at home.

Check out David's work through his website:

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