Psychological Warfare to Get Your Voluntary Consent

Published March 2, 2022 186 Views

We are in a psychological war with the main emphasis of getting the voluntary consent of the populace. The violation of consent is taking place around the world, in a very covert form. The Nuremberg Code and natural law all come down to consent. It's not real consent when there is deceit, duress, fraud and other forms of coercion. This is also what abusers do in an interpersonal relationship. They tell you without telling you what they're doing. Then they tell you that they told you all along and you made your own decision. This is how abusers gaslight the target while refusing to accept their own accountability. The more sophisticated the abuser, the more they need your voluntary consent so they can maintain their image. Your power is in choosing consciously what you're consenting to.

Clip from the Q&A during the Grand Jury Day #4: Injections & Psychological Warfare
Attorney Dexter Ryneveldt and Meredith Miller

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