Personal Finance & Investing: Inflation, Crypto, Resources, Trading Stocks, Collapse, UBI [ASMR]

Published March 2, 2022 25 Views

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- How to Get Into Investing in Wall Street, Looking for trends in Stocks: The Markets Are All About Pattern Recognition (24:03-27:01)
- Two of the Primary Rules in Investing, Preserve Capital and don't get blindsided by Ethics of Personal Finance (27:01-29:38)
- Shorting Moderna, Collapse of One of the Greatest Ponzi Schemes in History: Options, Buying Puts (29:38-31:38)
- One of the Best Places to Invest Is In Yourself (56:30-58:48)
- Universal Basic Income Is Very Problematic: UBI Centralizes Too Much Power and Will Enslave Humanity (1:07:33-1:09:49)
- Problem with Buying Debt, Remembering Nortel Networks: Receivables Are Great During Good Times, Liability During Bad Times (1:17:49-1:19:26)
- These Are Amazing Times (1:23:21-1:24:20)
- How to Get Into The Stock Trading Game (1:29:38-1:33:04)

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