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The mRNA In Pfizer/BioNTech Covid Vaccinations Recode Human DNA

This video was produced by The Highwire in November of 2021. The original video is located here:


Additional studies have sense confirmed these findings and amplified them:

Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Incorporates Into Human DNA In As Little As Six Hours, A New Study Finds
By Rhoda Wilson
The Expose
February 27, 2022


A Swedish study published on Friday demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrate cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA. The study was conducted in vitro, in other words outside the living body and in an artificial environment.

A previous study published in October 2021 from Sweden found the spike protein enters into our cells' nuclei and impairs the mechanism our cells have to repair damaged DNA. We've included this study here as The Highwire made an easy-to-understand video explaining it, including graphics, and so it is a good starting point to help understand the significance of the latest study from Sweden.

Read the full report here:



Covid-19 – Vaccine-Induced T Cell Suppression, Virus Activation, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

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