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Ukraine: The Khazarian Mafia; (KM) Rothschilds Crime Mafia

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The corruption behind what has steered wars large and small throughout the world.

2012 CE: ASSASSINATION MONOPOLY — John Kaminski gives a fact-filled history of major assassinations of major world leaders carried out over the last few centuries by the Rothschilds Crime MAFIA and they assassinated at least 8 American Presidents. The real reasons in every case was they were against Rothschilds MOB policies. These Rothschilds MOB criminals also assassinated five Russian czars and the kings of England and France. But this is just the top assassinations and also does not include the failed attempted assassination. The founder of this evil in 1812 CE, said to his criminal offspring, “Remember my children, that all the “EARTH” must belong to us Jews, and that the Gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing. — Mayer Amschel Rothschild on his deathbed, 1812 CE. — All the U.S. presidents who died in office were all killed by the same mysterious people for the same mysterious reason control of the money and nations as they move toward RULING THE ENTIRE “EARTH.” — John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 CE for challenging the hegemony of Israel, the mob, and the Federal Reserve; William McKinley, in 1900 CE, was gut shot for opposing creation of the Federal Reserve; James Garfield, in 1881 CE, was shot in the back shortly after uttering the assessment that bankers controlled everything; and Abraham Lincoln, in 1865 CE, was unceremoniously terminated for creating an independent currency, as Kennedy tried a century later. — But four added assassinations of American presidents includes — William Henry Harrison (1841 CE), Zachary Taylor (1850 CE), Warren Harding (1926 CE), and Franklin Roosevelt (1945 CE) — are well documented outside the Rothschilds Crime MOB controlled media and record of history — They hired these assassins. All eight presidents were eliminated for opposing the plans of the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA banksters who began controlling the world in 1775 CE building on the Venetian-Khazar BLACK NOBILITY CRIME MOB that infected the Dutch and Continental Europe and then TOOK OVER ENGLAND and still use LONDON and Israel as their primary headquarters. — When you correlate the corpses of national leaders and their cause of death to their public statements, you discover the identity of the killers in every single case is the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA. This even includes the killing of promising presidential candidate Huey Long in 1935 CE, by a Ashkenazi doctor named Carl Weiss. — The total Rothschilds MOB murder toll runs into the 100s of millions of 99.9% innocent people just trying to live their lives as they have faked using false flags and the press every war since 1775 CE. — Four of five Russian czars in the 1800s CE (as well as a fifth in 1917 CE) were assassinated by Rothschilds MOB — the same perfect record Rothschilds MOB owns for American presidents. — These are the same criminals that assassinated King Charles I of England and King Louis XVI of France, as well as innumerable kings of countless other countries, as far back as 1770s CE. — But this well-documented historical pattern of Rothschilds Crime MAFIA homicidal mania against leaders who refused to knuckle under to bribes and blackmail extends over a 250 year criminal history. After the U.S., the second-most glaring example of the persistence of ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA killers is what happened to Russia in the 1800s CE. Ashkenazi anarchists killed all but one of five Russian czars in the 1800s CE, and culminated their murderous rampage by butchering the last czar and his whole family during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 CE, which was wholly the work of ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB criminals funded by well-known Rothschilds MOB banksters, principally Jacob Schiff, an agent of the Rothschilds MOB.


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