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[part 6 of 6] NEW ZEALAND interrogated, arrested, hand-cuffed, imprisoned and deported Torsten.


The evil NEW ZEALAND Government is allied with satan’s lying and persecuting pastors of churches.


The Federal Government of NEW ZEALAND which interrogated, arrested, imprisoned and deported the absolutely innocent person Torsten on Feb.14, 2015, based on invented lies by NEW ZEALAND’s satanic pastors of churches, are still refusing to fully answer Torsten’s inquiries regarding the Federal Government of NEW ZEALAND false accusations. The false charges by the Federal Government of NEW ZEALAND against the absolutely innocent Christian Torsten is based on utter lies – satanically contrived by the churches of NEW ZEALAND; lies which were maliciously fabricated, publicly disseminated (cyber bullying), and officially reported to NEW ZEALAND Police - by the lying pastors of the churches of NEW ZEALAND. Among the many public lies invented by NEW ZEALAND’s satanic pastors of churches, one churchianity-lie was also officially accused against the innocent Christian Torsten by the Federal Government of NEW ZEALAND: “threatening attendees and being generally disruptive”.: http://www.kyrkor.be/New-Zealand-Federal-Governments-satanic-church-lies.htm

Downloadable full-size original interview videos, here: https://bit.ly/3h2u38e

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