What’s a Guy to Invest in Amid Great Reset plunder?

Published February 26, 2022 160 Views

Tom Luongo: Creator, the Guns, Goats & Guns Investment Newsletter

Canada may have declared Martial Law, seizing bank accounts and ruining lives just as Biden’s minions to this day are keeping innocent January 6th protesters in a cage, but the Freedom Convoys have lit a spark that should empower still-independent humans to take heart. Still, we know the Great Reset elitists aren’t done with Covid - despite the alarming excess death reports from insurers, governments, and embalmers.

At the same time, the skyrocketing inflation has ushered in a new era of government-controlled digital currency, linked via wireless, that’s as dangerous as vaccines. The oligarchs want us controlled and monetized via the Internet of Things, but the entrepreneurial spirit demands a Great Awakening. How do we assert our rights and profit despite the chaos?

Mr. Luongo’s newsletter has answered these questions for years, as have his writings at Zero Hedge, LewRockwell.com, Bitcoin Magazine, and NewsMax.

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