Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 2-23-22 Dana Coverstone’s New Calendar Dream Threat

2 years ago

Those of you who have watched these Prophecy Updates for some time may recall that as Pastor Dana Coverstone began having his series of dreams, I felt they were of God. Pastor Dana had his first dream back in December 2019, and I’ve watched the majority of them, giving them serious consideration.

The one thing Pastor Dana has NEVER said is that he is a prophet. He explained that he had never sought to begin having these dreams; God simply decided that Dana was His man to bring them forth. Over the months, many people have been very critical of the dreams and of Dana Coverstone - I think unjustly. They’ve accused him of being a false prophet and doing these dreams for money. As far as I’m concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. Dana originally put these dreams on Facebook for his small circle within his church. They went viral, plus God kept giving him dreams.

The thing to understand with dreams is that they are generally highly symbolic. There may be actual events the dreams bring forth, but the symbolism is the key. When Pharaoh had his dream that Joseph interpreted of seven lean cows eating up the seven fat, healthy ones - was that a literal event? Of course not! It was symbolic of the seven famine years following the seven years of plenty. We as Christians need to be very careful in how we judge others, and make sure we have all the relevant facts. I know - this goes for me as well because I call out people. But I try to do so with a basis of truth and Godly discernment.

All this having been said, Pastor Dana had another dream in late January that he reposted as of February 2, 2022 because of some technical issues. He calls it the 2022 Jets Dream, and we’ll take a brief glimpse at that today.

In addition, I want to also comment on the movement - which is largely Christian, but also involves those who are secular - to create small, sustainable communities to counter the growing censorship and efforts to limit the ability of people to freely buy and sell.


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