LIVE: Putin Conquers Ukraine, Rumors of Wars Distract Patriots, Globohomo Cabal Kills Masculinity

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Full-scale war has been declared by Putin, and military strikes are being carried out all over Ukraine. That's what you will see if you tune into the Fox News channel. Neocons are demanding full-scale war, pundits are encouraging extremely aggressive sanctions, and establishment fossils and uniparty globalists desperately want to send your kids to go and die in the name of aiding the innocent Ukrainians and protecting their borders. Jarrin Jackson is a biblical scholar who has been dissecting this situation on his telegram channel. Even before the war with Ukraine, Russia banned exports of nitrogen fertilizer until next June. If the world hits them with heavier sanctions, they could easily retaliate by cutting those exports off for even longer. China has also banned phosphate exports until June. If you don’t know what those are, they’re absolutely critical for modern agricultural production. Here’s the good news. Simply by knowing what we just told you, you’re already better-prepared than 90 percent of America. So, what can we expect in a world that could soon have severe food shortages? Next, Mikki Klann is friends with Lee Dundas, who you’ve seen on this show before. She’s also been encouraging parents to stand up and fight for their kids against the continued torture and abuse of long-term masking forced upon them by demonically-inspired petty tyrants. Mikki says that through a novel strategy they’ve forced five states to back down on mask mandates, and they’ve trained hundreds of parents to stand up to school boards trying to keep their children masked using techniques from Open a newspaper or turn on CNN, and you’ll hear endless babble about so-called toxic masculinity as a root of problems in America. America doesn’t have toxic masculinity. Of course not. Millions of men are secluded in their parents’ basements. Tristan Sartor is the founder of the Order of Social Antiquity. Everything about OSA is about reviving the superior traditions and practices of the past. That means real Christianity. It means families. It means dressing well, and thinking right. And finally, Is Russia fully justified in invading Ukraine, and is China flying under the radar to invade Taiwan while the media is focused on blasting Vladimir Putin? How much longer will it take until American’s realize they’re being pawned by the leftist media who are panicking that one of their biggest global income investments is now crumbling to the floor? All of that and more, on the Stew Peters show.

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