Yes, It's Time to Prepare for an Economic Collapse... Or Worse

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2 years ago


Things are heating up across the globe. It isn't just Ukraine. Taiwan is squarely in the Chinese Communist Party's crosshairs. Iran is turning more militant. North Korea is testing weapons again. Wars and rumors of wars are abundant.

Then, there's Pandemic Panic Theater. Just when we thought they'd done their worst with Omicron and it fizzled on them, reports of new variants as well as "more dangerous" versions of Omicron are making the news. And just as many lockdowns are ending, more seem to be in the planning stage for whatever the powers-that-be have waiting around the corner, most likely near election time in the United States.

Supply chains are crumbling. Stock markets are crashing. Crypto restrictions are coming. Employment remains an enigma. I'm generally not a doom-and-gloom guy, but I'm truly worried about an economic collapse on the horizon for the first time ever.

I didn't freak out when Y2K was supposed to take down the world's technology. I didn't panic over the 2008-09 housing market collapse because I figured the economy still had the resilience to bounce back eventually, and I was correct. Obamacare got me a little worried in 2010-11, so we began our first mini-foray into "prepping" by getting a couple of bugout bags and a few buckets of freeze dried food. But it was just a phase and eventually my fears subsided.

The Trump era brought hope for continued prosperity until Covid-19 came around. When the toilet-paper-apocalypse sprung into inexplicable effect in 2020, I was among those who called for calm and lambasted those who bought a year's supply of Charmin, not because prudence is unappreciated but because they were manufacturing scarcity for the rest of us. Throughout it all, I never thought the economic collapse was around the corner.

Today, I do.

I am new to the whole "prepping" thing, but I've done extensive research over the past few months in anticipation of where we're at today. By no means am I an expert nor am I an economist, but I see gas and food prices rising rapidly and that's enough to chap my khakis. You see it as well. You've probably taken some steps to get ready, but if you're like most Americans you're not really ready at all.

In this episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I explained why I'm turning at least some of my attention towards helping people prepare for what's to come. As always, the biggest concern is being spiritually prepared. All the survival food and ammunition in the world is worthless if you do not have faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Beyond that, the physical needs are great in a near-future America in which stores and retailers like Amazon are no longer stocked with items necessary for survival. While most preppers recommend starting with 72-hour bugout bags, the various potential crises we face are more suited for bugging in. This is why I prioritize short-term food and water storage. Make sure you have enough food and water for two weeks, then a month, than a couple of months. MyPatriotSupply is the sponsor that we recommend for that.

As for water, most people underestimate this. It takes approximately one gallon of water per person per day to survive.

After you're stocked up for bugging in, it's time to get ready for bugging out. I'll be posting more stories and articles about this in the future. For now, recognizing that we face multiple threats and realizing there's a strong chance the supply chain will fully crumble in the near future is a good start.

In the second segment, I spoke to Our Gold Guy, Ira. It's funny that after 300 shows, I never had him on before today. The volatility in financial markets sparked by Russia and the threat of China makes physical precious metals a hot topic. Ira's wealth of knowledge was appreciated. You can schedule a precious metals consultation with him on our other website.

It's not time to panic yet, but it's definitely time to prepare. Things are getting strange on multiple fronts. It's better to prepare and not need it than to be unprepared when you need it.

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