The World On Fire - Trish Regan Show #3.36

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2 years ago

The world's on fire -- and yet, our answer is "more sanctions." Sanctions that we know this administration is incapable of following through? The Ukraine tragedy doesn't need to escalate to a full fledged war, but managing this crisis...and managing Putin...will require some talented strategic thinkers. And, let's be honest: there isn't a hole lot of talent running around the White House these days.

Meanwhile, our former secretary of state, John Kerry, is on the international airwaves today saying he's worried Ukraine will cause people to forget about climate change. And, our government is still intending to sit down with Iran and RUSSIA for nuclear talks next week in Vienna. WHY are we still so willing to rely on Russian diplomats at a time like this???

This is a dangerous time. A scary time. And we need our leaders to stay laser focused and stand up for the United States of America.

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