Legal impact of mRNA vaccines? Chile enacts anti-discrimination law against mutants

2 years ago

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Chile now has a law for mutants and genetically altered individuals. It's a rather peculiar law, in addition to the neuro-rights law, which also exists in that country.

What could be the reason for the enactment of this new law?

Obviously, the reason for the origin of this law โ€”which will probably soon be replicated in other countriesโ€” is because there's already a considerable number of people in the population who are no longer human, but transgenic beings.

It's a known fact that COVID vaccines are mutagenic and alter human DNA.

Every day there's more evidence of this, especially with the birth of babies with black eyes and very curious physical characteristics, as described by Dr. Viviane Brunet.

In 2021, Dr. Chinda Brandolino warned the world that accepting an mRNA vaccine involves a change in the genome and that the person subjected to this experimental drug loses his human rights.

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