It's a Stockholm Syndrome State of Mind

Published February 23, 2022 528 Views

The Stockholm Syndrome is a survival mechanism built into the human brain and nervous system in order to cope with intense situations of abuse and/or confinement. This clip is an explanation of the 4 parameters of the Stockholm Syndrome and the effects on individuals, including specific examples of what's happening around the world. We cannot understand the individual without also taking into account the environment in which the individual exists, so the topic of Stockholm Syndrome here is made relevant to our advanced technological environment and the dissemination of the global narrative currently taking place. This explains how people got pulled into the narrative, why they continue to defend the narrative and/or the perpetrators even after new evidence and truth has come out, why people have empathy for their perpetrators and even believe that their survival depends on them, why people might be led to ingest an experimental drug technology and why people comply with tyranny in general.

From Grand Jury Day #4: Injections & Psychological Warfare
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer and Meredith Miller

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