2/23/22 - Trudeau Cancels Emergency Orders, It's All Part of NWO Plan - Ep. 186

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00:00:00 Opening song “The Great Awakening (pt 1)”

00:02:00 Greetings

00:02:30 - Justin Trudeau cancels the Emergency Orders in Canada, a clip from Trudeau’s announcement followed by analysis and discussion of the New World Order and Great Reset and how even canceling emergency orders and restrictive mandates are all part of the overall push to tyranny, and how it’s all been carefully, meticulously planned out by the globalists.

00:15:30 - VIDEO Klaus Schwab revealing elements of his master criminal plot to achieve The Great Reset regardless of the will of the people of planet Earth. It’s not up to us, apparently. That is the mark of a sociopath, btw.

00:17:30 The emergency orders problem that exists in every government in the world including ours, gives the government the powers to declare dictatorial measures in emergencies; but this requires the social contract to be honored by the government which is not being done. It’s just a coup.

00:24:30 Kristi Leigh talking with Robert Malone MD who is calling for an immediate end to all pandemic emergency powers, saying there is no emergency but they are abusing the emergency powers and using their powers to do evil things.

00:41:00 Stever Kirsh on Substack published an article this morning linking to a 27-page letter to the CDC, NIH, and other top government officials, written by 8 industrial hygienists complaining about flawed CDC mask guidance. Incendiary stuff that should be leading news on every TV but of course nobody is talking about it.

00:47:00 UPDATE - Remember when that independent sting operation caught one of Facebook/Meta’s top executives trying to lure a 13 year old boy to meet him for sex at a hotel room? Well…. Meta canceled their account. Not the account of their criminal pedophile executive (they did fire him when the story broke). They canceled the account OF THE PEOPLE WHO EXPOSED THE CRIMINAL. Tells you everything you need to know.

00:50:00 - Russia, Ukraine, and Convoys

00:57:30 - VIDEO, Bowne Report - USA Great Reset

01:04:00 - Alex Jones talks about the Great Reset Control Grid and urges the world to learn about the globalist engineered energy crisis to eradicate humanity before it’s too late (and it already is for a lot of people)


01:40:00 Closing song “Trust in the Lord (with all of your heart)”

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