Canvass for Truth in Michigan

2 years ago

Canvass for truth in Michigan
Discover the truth about the 2020 elections one door at a time. Was the election stolen or was it the most perfectly safe election of all time?

We join Rep. Steve Carra and one of the best canvassers in the country to gather evidence and discover the truth. Gretchen Cosby is a mom, nurse, and patriot who teaches us how to respectfully canvass for accurate results.

Gretchen is a County Captain for Election Integrity Force.
They seek to ensure transparent and trusted elections.
Let's fix Stuff is led by Patrick Colbeck, who is trying to fix Michigan in many ways. Foremost is the election process by specifically finding out the truth of what happened in the 2020 election.
They are demanding audits and meaningful reforms.
The Freedom Fighters Project produces documentary videos showcasing the stories of people who fight to preserve our freedoms and overcome injustice through faith in God and hope for our future.

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