“We don’t speak tear gas" CAN Protestor to CBC News

Protestor speaks to Global News reporter.

“We don’t speak tear gas, we don’t speak baton,… we speak English and French.”


"You tell them... that there are people here, who are here for the right reasons - to fix Canada.

And let me ask you this...
You think the guy up in that tower is here to help Canada or is he here to protect his own personal interest - what do you think?

Is he here for me? Because I tell ya...
We came here and we were here for four weeks, and you know why we stayed for four weeks? Because nobody listened and nobody spoke to us. They call it an occupation - the only reason we stayed here that long is because there was no dialogue.

We don't speak tear gas, we don't speak batons, we don't speak horse. We speak English and French.

And I have kids and I just want to - it's not for me, it's for my kids. They're going to segregate my kids from society because I won't get them a QR Code.

You better choose your side of history, sir. Choose your side.

Don't attack him now - you've heard the message. That's your heart there, don't target it, I can't wait to see the news story on CBC."

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