PolitiFact does a fact check on VAERS (the NVIC interface)

2 years ago

This is the information a fact checker (in this case Gabrielle Settles from PolitiFact) gets when they call me.

Guess how much of this ends up in the fact check?

I think none of it.

We'll find out soon. She called me on my cell phone.

You get to listen in on what was said. Both parties consented to the recording.

At no time did she ask about the Bradford-Hill causality criteria.

I told her I validated the VAERS data was legit 12 different ways that did not use VAERS. Did she ever ask for any of the 12 different ways. Nope. She had no interest. This is fact checking?!?!

For what happened next, you'll really want to read this article: https://kirschsubstack.com/p/the-great-debate-politifact-vs-the

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