The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell: Guest - MIKE CLELLAND

1 year ago

MIKE CLELLAND - The Owl - Yes, the Bird, UFO, Alien Abduction Connection: Mike Clelland’s 2015 book is The Messengers. In it he explores the mysterious connection between owls, synchronicities, UFO sightings and UFO abductions. It was his first-hand experiences with these elusive events that have been the foundation for his research, which is totally subjective as he believes in UFOs, Alien Abduction, the Owl/Alien connection and regressive hypnosis. He looks at himself as a sort of a new urban legend / folklore archivist. This book is also a personal memoir, and a journey of self discovery. His website ( explores these events and their connection to the alien contact phenomenon. It also features extended audio interviews with visionaries and experts examining the complexities of the overall UFO experience.

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