Berlin Part 8, 1949-1989, Founding NATO, West & East Germany, Iron Curtain, Berlin Wall

2 years ago

This 8-part series is a book study of Giles Milton's excellent work, "Checkmate in Berlin," interspersed with Scott Dreyer's commentary and explanation. The series focuses on Berlin from 1945-1949, which was a global flashpoint and the turning point between the end of WWII and the start of the Cold War. A history major and licensed history teacher since 1987, Dreyer lived in Germany 1985-89 and has traveled extensively in Europe. Part 8 starts with the 1949 creation of NATO, West and East Germany, the Iron Curtain, then explains about the 1961 construction of the infamous Berlin Wall and its celebrated Fall in 1989. Dreyer closes with some personal stories of his visits to the Berlin Wall 1985-86, during the Cold War.

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