LIVE: War Weapons Used Against Protesters, NSA Whistleblower, Cops ASSIST Medical Murder!

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The Australian government is trying to turn their protestors into rotisserie chicken! Friday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Jane Ruby exposed the truth of what the Australian government is doing in order to stay in control of their country, and suppress the freedom uprising down under. Janes reveals how the Australian Government has sent their police to burn the protestors with LRADS, which are microwave lasers. Civil rights campaigner Mark Aldridge shared how Aussies have also been met with mind-melting force, as the tyrannical police also reportedly utilized sonic devices to burn crowds in Canberra. Canada and Australia have officially adopted communism, and with it, the Stalinist regimes have created their own version of the NKVD secret police. Former NSA analyst Karen Stewart details the deadly surveillance matrix that has formed around the two massive protests for medical freedom.
Micky Bishop shares how his father was murdered at a hospital and the docs embalmed his body to destroy the evidence. And, Scott Schara returns to expose the anti-Christ eugenics program that assassinated his daughter with Down Syndrome.

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