1 year ago

11/1/21 Stand Up Massachusetts Public Zoom Meeting Recording

This month we are privileged to announce that Jessica Abu-Hijleh, MSc, EMT-B, the National Citizens Corps Administrator of America’s Frontline Doctors, will be facilitating/moderating our meeting. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, find help and support, and ask our speakers questions. We encourage you to participate, or just say hello!


▪ Announcements - Do you have an important freedom-related announcement to share? Now is the time! (30 seconds to one minute maximum please.)

▪ Jessica from America's Frontline Doctors will present tips on how to best handle the vaccine passport issue.

▪ Ready to serve notice to your employer? We’re going to have a guest speaker from Common Lawful for an intro to using common law. Learn your rights and how to exercise them without an attorney!

▪ The publisher of Stand Up Massachusetts, will discuss the exciting, upcoming Northeast Freedom Alliance - what it is and how you can be involved.

▪ Kevin, Stand Up Massachusetts' volunteer coordinator, will share some tips on how we can all utilize Telegram for networking. He will also request feedback from you about how Stand Up Massachusetts can best serve you and your desire to meet other like-minded people (so please join in, we look forward to hearing from you!

▪ Public Q & A. Hint: This is also our chance to ask Kevin (our volunteer coordinator) more about his recent stay in jail to help fight for our freedoms!

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