2/16/22 Stand Up Massachusetts Public Zoom Meeting Recording

2 years ago


▪ Sergeant Shana Cottone is the President of Boston First Responders United, a coalition of Boston based emergency personnel. The group has grown to encompass all types of workers and community members. BFRU believes that freedom and choice are paramount in a free society and that the government should never coerce individuals to take an unwanted medical intervention, ever. Shana believes that only through united action will citizens be able to wrest power out of the greedy, polluted hands of politicians and place it back in the hands of We the People - where it belongs. A hero during her service to the city of Boston, SGT Shana Cottone chose to protect and serve for 14 years with the Boston Police Dept and has now lost her badge for protecting freedom. Learn more about how Shana helps stop tyranny now and how you can help as well.

▪ Ronald J. Adams, CPA, CVA, ABV, BCA, CBA, CFF, CGMA, and a member of the MA Bonds for the Win Telegram group, is going to discuss surety bonds. Ron is a Director at Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc., and a member of the Anti-Foreclosure Network Group in Norton, MA, which is affiliated with MASS Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL). Mr. Adams cherishes the U.S. Constitution and he is very interested in preserving the American Republic, which honors individual rights under the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution), and the Declaration of Independence.

Jessica Abu, MS, EMT, America's Frontline Doctors Citizen Corps Supervisor, will be facilitating/moderating this meeting.

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