AUSTRALIA - Protesters being microwaved

2 years ago

The Australian government might have subtlety declared war on their citizens by allegedly using war-grade LRAD’s on peaceful protestors. Stew Peters was joined by his Australian correspondent, Maria Zeee to discuss the topic further.
Over the past weeks, thousands of people descended on the Australian capital of Canberra to put an end to their country’s insane COVID policies. Organizers estimate it may have been over 500,000 people who showed up in a country less than 30 Million!

Credits to Stew Peters Show, February 16, 2022:
Tyrants Cook Protestors Alive: Laser Microwaves Deployed On Anti-Globalist Crusaders:

UPDATE at Feb 18, 2022 | Proof: U.S. Directed Energy Weapons Burn The Faces Of Australians: | (mirror):

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