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Tamara Lich: "Please Pray For Them And Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do"

Tamara Lich, one of the main Freedom Convoy leaders, asks for all the people who are participating in the trucker-inspired protests to be kind and loving, to be forgiving, and to pray for everyone, including police officers, journalists, and Justin Trudeau.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


"What is happening, and what has transpired against my fellow Canadians breaks my heart -- it is breaking my heart. You guys, I just want you to stay strong. I want you to continue to be unified and spread the love . . . When you see the reporters in the street, be kind and show them love. We don't have to agree with what they are doing. But it upsets me when I see people upset with them, even though, after all they've done, I know it is frustrating, but we still have to have love in our hearts. Please show respect to them. Show respect to our police officers. A lot of these men and women -- although I know it is not an excuse -- are probably just trying to feed their families. I've said it from the start, and I'll say it again: please pray for them and forgive them for they know not what they do. At least I have to believe that.

"And I know that there is a lot of anger at our government; there is a lot of rightful anger at our government. But I want you to know that Justin Trudeau has three beautiful children. So remember that. You don't have to like what he does. But I'm going to ask you to pray for him too. And I'm going to ask you when you fly a 'Fuck You!' sign [to remember] he has three kids -- just like me. I pray that you all find forgiveness in your hearts. And I pray that you all find love, even when we don't understand it because there are lots of things that I don't understand."

Tamara also apparently believes she will be arrested and imprisoned:

"There's a pretty good chance -- well, I think it is inevitable at this point -- that I'll probably be going somewhere tomorrow where I'll be getting three square meals a day. And that's OK. I'm OK with that. And I want you to know that I am not afraid. I'll probably get some sleep finally. Just please: stay peaceful and please take care of each other and know that this, too, shall pass."

"There are a lot of things at work here that need to prevent this from being a success. The only way that this is going to succeed is if we always come from a place of love. I've always said as human beings we make choices from one of two places. We make choices from love or we make choices from fear. That's it. That's the bottom line. I pray and I hope that you will make choices from love. You have to know that they are trying to provoke us. You hear their language and the verbiage that they're using -- and that is not coming from love. I know you guys all know that, but we can only win this with love. And we can only win this together and it is time to stand together. If you can come to Ottawa and stand with us, that would be fantastic. And if you can't, pray for us."

"I just want you to know that this is my hill and the hill of so many brave men and women I can't tell how how amazing these people are. And they are going to stay and fight for your freedom as long as they possibly can."

"I'm so damn proud of all of you. Every single one of you. And not just in Canada, but all around the world. Who knew this was going to take off in this way. So please, try not to be angry. Keep love in your heart. Stay strong. Stay unified. Stay proud. We are so proud of you. The love that we have felt in the last 19 days . . . all across this country: it was the likes of nothing I have ever seen before. And that was you guys. That was all you."


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