Fauci Charged With Murder - GRAND JURY - Dr. Bryan Ardis

2 years ago

GRAND JURY PROCEEDINGS - DAY 3 - Lineup of Speakers and Links - https://tinyurl.com/5n85wyat
To the people that seem to be confused about the purpose of this grand jury process. This is not “fake” and it is not simply a PR exercise. This is being developed so the evidence is on record and indictments can be issued so that local people around the world can do either private or public prosecutions in their own courts. These courts could be existing courts or we the peoples common law courts. In common law countries we have the right to do “private prosecutions”, this means we don’t need to police to be involved to take people to court. However a case of this size would usually be cost/time/logistically prohibitive. So this amazing team of experts, lawyers and judge are providing the entire prosecution model including format, evidence, expert testimony etc. so this can be cut and paste across courts globally with all of the evidence needed for convictions. If the current legal system fails and doesn’t bring justice this is especially important as we the people can begin private prosecutions at a very low cost. This is a VERY smart approach

Check the Grand Jury Channel for All Sessions and Future Live streaming -- https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f

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