You are a powerful healing machine!

2 years ago

It only takes 2 days to have a completely renewed inner eye….

I know, crazy isn’t it.

Touch your eyeball, it feels so solid, and yet, every 48 hours your inner eye is new.

The lining of your stomach is new every 5 days.

You have a new outer skin every 3 weeks or so.

You can tell that yourself because your tan wears after 3 weeks.

Your liver is renewed every 6 weeks.

These are all tangible signs that your body never stops healing.

Plus your hair keeps growing, and so do your nails.

All this new growth happens under the all-seeing eye of your immune system.

Your immune system has its own mind, which is different from your ego-mind.

For instance, you could say to your body: I want a new knee!

And you wake up with the same old stiff knee the next morning.

We believe that our immune system doesn’t hear us.

The truth is, our incredibly smart immune system does listen to us.

It eavesdrops all day long, it hears the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the feelings we have.

All of this has a positive or negative effect on our immune system.

After a while, our immune system becomes so clogged down with conflicting and confusing information, it becomes like my phone and refuses to take another photo because the storage is full.

You have to delete some information.

Or close down some apps, and empty the recycle bin, before the camera can take a new video.

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