LIVE: Trudeau Declares War on God, McGeachin Fights to Save Idaho, Docs Drug Babies

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Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show, the son of jailed Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski called for leaders in America to pressure and sanction Maoist Chairman Justin Trudeau for his persecution of Christians and endorsement of satanic tyranny.
Odessa Orlewciz returned to share an on-the-ground update, live from the Freedom Convoy's final stand at the Canadian/U.S. border, as Fidel Castro's long lost son orders the arrest of brave protestors.
Idaho’s Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin sat down for an exclusive interview with Stew to issue a call to all real patriots, to rise up and mobilize to preserve the American way.
And, Attorney Ali Shultz joined Stew to detail a shocking report about hundreds of cases of hospitals isolating babies away from their parents and dosing them with remdesivir.

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