R. C. Sproul’s Shocking Rebuke To Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Rick Warren, & Ed Stetzer

2 years ago

Over the past two years, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Rick Warren, and Ed Stetzer have proven to possess an alarming lack of discernment. As Megan Basham from The Daily Wire recently pointed out, these men teamed up with Francis Collins (former head of NIH) and used their platforms to push masks and vaccines among Evangelicals, despite the glaring lack of supporting data. Throughout the pandemic, I have often wondered how the late R. C. Sproul would have responded to the current cowardice we find among our “Evangelical Elites.” After hours of sifting through Dr. Sproul’s writings, I finally stumbled upon his famous sermon, “The Tyranny of the Weaker Brother.” In this brief video, Pastor Joel Webbon unveils R. C. Sproul’s shocking rebuke to men like Tim Keller, Russell Moore, and Ed Stetzer. @Pastor Rick @The Gospel Coalition @Russell Moore

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