Freedom Convoy: Dr. Roger Hopkinson - To The People

Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hopkinson to the Canadian Convoy

To be part of the process that started to bring that about, these truckers are the most - how can I put it politely - they've got gonads bigger than their trucks. It relied on guys with dirty fingernails to move the needle.

Medicine, Politics, Media have failed.


We needed Truckers - ordinary guys with Semi's by the thousands to get attention and Hat's Off to you! Because we've failed and you're succeeding.

This is a "No Prisoners" event - this isn't a time for negotiation, no time for dithering Politian's to try and somehow escape the responsibility. No, this is capitulation - take no prisoners time.

Because no one's leaving Ottawa until that happens. Whatever it takes - politely, civil disobedience, no violence at all. We certainly don't want to encourage a January 6th event.

This is a turning point in history - for Canada and for the World and I'm so fortunate to be part of it.


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