Freedom Convoy: Dr. Roger Hopkinson - To The People

Published February 14, 2022 232 Views

Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hopkinson to the Canadian Convoy

To be part of the process that started to bring that about, these truckers are the most - how can I put it politely - they've got gonads bigger than their trucks. It relied on guys with dirty fingernails to move the needle.

Medicine, Politics, Media have failed.


We needed Truckers - ordinary guys with Semi's by the thousands to get attention and Hat's Off to you! Because we've failed and you're succeeding.

This is a "No Prisoners" event - this isn't a time for negotiation, no time for dithering Politian's to try and somehow escape the responsibility. No, this is capitulation - take no prisoners time.

Because no one's leaving Ottawa until that happens. Whatever it takes - politely, civil disobedience, no violence at all. We certainly don't want to encourage a January 6th event.

This is a turning point in history - for Canada and for the World and I'm so fortunate to be part of it.


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