11 months ago

Hamburger with a dose of misogyny

The Oxford Union has organized a debate on whether "society should abandon meat" in favor of completely plant-based food.

The Institute has held debates in its halls for 190 years and positions itself as "the leading discussion community in the world."

During the debate, feminist Carol Adams criticized people who prefer to eat meat because they adhere to the "patriarchal worldview of white supremacists."

Here are some of her statements:

"The assumption that the best protein is obtained from dead corpses is a racist belief."

"Your burger contains a dose of misogyny."

"Meat-eating is also one of the ways to perpetuate gender structures of oppression."

"To say that you care about animals is considered a sign of weakness in a world still committed to gender binary."

"Meat-eaters, like opponents of abortion, have forgotten that one of the qualities of non-existence is the lack of awareness of existence. When nothing helps, meat-eaters believe that animals are not our equal."

According to Adams, "meat apologists" are neo-Nazis because they have "weaponized" the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products in order to "restore their wounded masculinity" by teasing liberal "soy boys".

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