Taking on Local Corrupt Government - Reviving Muckraking & Insisting on Lawful Transparency

Published February 12, 2022 10 Views

David Bradley - Biz Development Manager, Carbon County Independent Gazette

When Lord Acton warned that power corrupts, he wasn’t referring just to our politicians in DC. As we saw prior to the recent Virginia state elections, local government school misbehavior led voters to boot Democrats from all levels of government. To stem local cronyism in his Pennsylvania county, Mr. Bradley started a local paper and led elections to replace these officials.

The style of Bradley’s paper revived the muckraking tradition of editors from a century ago, doing true journalism work in exposing politicians working against the interest of their voters - or the liberties given by our Founders. David then campaigned to unseat these board members and did what he could from the “inside” to bring governmental policy more in line with the desires of taxpayers - to impose what he terms, “lawful transparency”.

How has the lack of true journalism ruined the “fourth branch’s” ability to protect our rights? Can good men improve government, or is government too inherently dysfunctional to merit support?

“Our plight against an entrenched cabal was lengthy,” Mr. Bradley writes, “and they used all their weapons against us. However, the faith in knowing that "good ideas are invincible", allowed us the strength to persevere.”

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