Goodbye Germ Theory - Dr. Andrew Kaufman interviews author Dr. William Trebing 2022-02-08

2 years ago

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Truth is rising and NOTHING CAN STOP IT, NOTHING!
There is no Sars-Cov2 virus, there is no Covid.
The genome was created In Silico, as in made in a computer, it is a virtual genome, it does not exist in reality.
No virus has ever been isolated, purified or shown to exist.
Virology is a fraud, paid and supported by Talmudic luciferians⁣.
The purpose of "vaccines" is to poison humanity with heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, parasites, human foetus cells, animal cells, and all the crap you can and cannot imagine.
The future is OURS, this earthly plane is OURS, what reality would you like to create to benefit all humanity, animals, plants, montains, rivers and seas? Open your mind and accept the responsibility!


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