Truck’n Liberty and Voting Rights

2 years ago

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Truck’n Liberty
We see the freedom trail Truck’n Liberty all across Canada and the rumblings of the same here in the US. U. S. Citizens think is great and they want to support Liberty minded Canadian Trucker believing that they have the same constitutional rights as we do. Not True. As established all the way back to the 1600’s, those in the American Colonies stood their ground on rights being God given. Not so anywhere else in the world.

Why do you think that the O’biden administration is telling Canadian leaders to use the full force of ‘federal powers against the truckers’? Why are you seeing some Canadian Provinces removing mandates and others digging in their boots? Do you believe that Canadians have the same ‘rights’ as you, a U. S. Citizen? Regarding ‘rights’ the answer is Not really but.

I explain this in detail on this weeks program. For those that are impatient, it all centers on Constitutionalism identifying where ‘rights’ come from.

Truck’n Liberty Comes to U. S. - for more on this see link above.

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