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2 years ago

Enjoy this heartfelt and inspiring video about rescue animals featured by Tail Life TV.

Tail Life TV promotes the incredible connection humans have with their pets, both in the present and ever-after. Pets, whether furry, feathered, or otherwise, provide enormous assistance to us during our journey by comforting us and teaching us valuable life lessons. No matter how we may look or feel on a given day, they always gift to us unconditional love, letting us know our valuable worth as human beings.

At Tail Life TV, we encourage the adoption of rescue animals to help reduce the senseless euthanization of animals around the world. We love our pets and want to share the immense joy we gain from them, in hopes of inspiring others to adopt an animal who will fill their heart and home.

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About Nikki Karis -

Karis is an author, inspirational speaker, attorney, animal advocate, and creator of Tail LIfe and Tail LIfe TV, along with several other inspiring brands, all geared to motivating and empowering people of all walks of life to rise up in unity to create a better, brighter world for both humans and animals alike.

The development of her brands resulted from Karis' desire to share her own life journey as well as her passion for helping and inspiring others. Shortly after her father passed away February of 2007, Karis began a journey of self-awakening during which much of what she had come to learn and understand about herself, life, and the world in general was turned completely upside down.

The veil of illusion that had cloaked her perceptions for many years was finally brought down, allowing her to see herself, people, and situations for who and what they really are. The result is that Karis came out the other side of her journey a stronger, more inspired person who was finally living authentically, free from other people's wants, needs, and expectations of who she should be.

During her journey, Karis gained enormous compassion for the human spirit as she actively sought to understand the struggles people from the many different walks of life often endure. Her views about the world, people, and life in general were positively altered, allowing her to feel a deep well of love and compassion for the struggles of her fellow mankind and the animals, too.

Today, Karis is giving back to others, devoting herself to her inspirational work where she aims to reach all of humankind. Through her writings and videos, Karis inspires people who are feeling down, empowers them to live authentically, and shows others through stories of her own experiences what it takes to overcome life’s heartaches and hardships.

Karis encourages everyone to remember that their thoughts do, in fact, create their realities. No matter the difficulties life can bring, Karis continually reinforces the importance of keeping a positive, optimistic mindset.

Karis wants to wish you a joyous journey through life. She hopes that through her inspiring messages, affirmations, and videos, you will discover your authentic self. For more of Karis’ inspiration, visit

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