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BrighteonTV || Walter Hoye || "Irreversibility" !!



Host: Dr. John Diamond
Show: "America Unhinged" !!
Date: Monday, February 7th, 2022
Guest: Walter B. Hoye II
Brighteon TV Website: https://www.brighteon.com/bc320933-cfbe-4033-a45b-26eb380595cd
Content Of Character Series: https://www.contentofcharacterseries.com
Issues4Life Website: https://www.issues4life.org


Content of Character Series (COCS) presents Walter B. Hoye II, in collaboration with Dr. John Diamond host of "America Unhinged."

The Content of Character Series presents a week-long series for "Black History" Month in Collaboration with Dr. John Diamond, host of "America Unhinged" on Brighteon TV. The COCS's mission is to affirm the value and dignity of all cultural groups in America.

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