Ottawa police officers following orders. Stealing peaceful protesters' gas despite judge's verdict

Published February 10, 2022 52 Views

A Canadian judge recently ruled that the peaceful freedom fighters in Ottawa still have their Charter rights. There is no emergency that allows the government to take away citizens' democratic rights such as freedom of movement and congregation. Although the judge prohibited the protesters from honking for 10 days to prevent nuisance to Ottawa residents, they are allowed to continue protesting peacefully.

A few days ago, the Ottawa police had confiscated fuel that the protesters need to keep warm in the frigid weather. The judge ruled this to be illegal and ordered the police to not just hand the fuel back, but to hand it back in exactly the same place it was confiscated. I have heard unconfirmed reports that the fuel was indeed given back, but that is had been contaminated.

On February 9th, 2022, police officers/thieves are stealing fuel again, despite the judge's explicit verdict that this is illegal. These officers are PERSONALLY responsible for their actions. They've been given illegal orders by their managers. Illegal or immoral orders should not be followed. The Nuremberg Trials after the second world war clearly showed that "I was just following orders" is not a valid excuse if the orders are illegal and/or immoral.

Not only is the narrative crumbling by the minute, but so is trust and respect in government, politicians, police and media. These people have been digging their own grave and are continuing to do so, if not literally then at least figuratively. They've sold their soul for a paycheck.


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