Dr. Paul Thomas: Covid Passports have Nothing to do with Public Health

1 year ago

In this episode, Dr Thomas and I talk about his published and peer reviewed study on vaccinated  vs unvaccinated children from his practice and how he lost his license five days after the study was published.

We also talk about the war on informed consent and what it means to inform patients about the risks and benefits and how that has been highly ignored, especially when it comes to the covid vaccine.

We talk about the covid vaccines and the side effects and adverse reactions that have been reported in great numbers and the complete silence from mainstream media. Dr Thomas points out that there is a bigger agenda because these types of methods, like covid passports, have nothing to do with public health strategies.

Read more: https://newsvoice.se/2022/02/dr-paul-thomas-study-unvaccinated-children/

Source: NewsVoice.se Independent News and Debate

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