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Warriors Den Podcast Episode Episode 109 - Matthew Sharpe BJJ Black Belt Under the Megaton lineage

Excerpt: [Telling the story on why he got into martial arts] And uh everything is going fine but all of a sudden of of the guys goes were going to be taking your firewood and your beer. What? Bro, like out of no where. Its crazy how fast things will switch. So my buddy stands up and he goes ,"no man you are not taking our firewood there is a forest right there You can get your own firewood." We even invited them to chill with us as well. So next thing you know one of the guys had grabbed one of the beer bottles and smashed my buddy in the back of the head with it. And it actually cut him from the back of the head down to his neck about a mm from his Artery. I think it was 30 staples to put his neck back together."

Matthew Sharpe BJJ Black Belt Under the Megaton lineage and Martial Artist. Mathew started his martial arts journey around 13 years ago when an unprovoked violent assault with a weapon on himself and his friends occurred which resulted in the hospitalization of his friend. He then found the Creative Fighters Guild in Richmond BC, lead by Megaton Diaz Black Belt Trevor Clarkson. Matthew started his overall martial arts journey with JKD and BJJ but like many was drawn to BJJ. Last year he was given his Blackbelt by Megaton personally. Matthew also trains on other styles to increase his overall martial arts skills including ilustrisimo, with previous podcast guest Toby Reyes. He has since launched Sharpe Martial Arts and is teaching out of his garage like and OG martial artist though he also occasionally teaches at Advantage Jiu Jitsu (@advantage_jj) also in Richmond, BC. You can find Mathew on Instagram @Sharpe_Martial_arts

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