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Milo Edberg 6 Years old suffered Myocarditis and Serious injuries after Pfizer

Milo Edberg
Pfizer 10th December 2021
Milo just 6 Years Old Suffered Myocarditis and Serious Injuries after receiving Pfizer

Milo Edberg, who was alert, walking independently despite birth problems in early December before the Covid vaccine was administered – he is now confined to a hospital bed after being diagnosed with Myocarditis/heart muscle inflammation.

On Dec 10th, Milo received the Pfizer vaccine and shortly thereafter suffered breathing difficulties. Two days later, he was admitted to Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minnesota, where he was intubated and diagnosed with myocarditis.

He remained intubated for a month and a half and is still in the hospital nearly two months later. Milo is unable to sit up on his own or even swallow his own saliva.

His mother, Carrie said “He was fine and then he wasn’t.”

Milo’s life has never been easy. He was born prematurely at just 23 weeks and battled chronic lung disease throughout his life.

Despite his difficulties, he learned to walk and was bright and expressive in early December, according to his mother, when a doctor at Masonic Children’s Hospital at M Health Fairview decided he needed the COVID-19 “shot.

Milo’s mother said she didn’t want her son vaccinated however, his doctor said he was particularly at risk for a “severe case.”

Ultimately, Carrie followed the doctor’s recommendation, who told her the injection was “safe and harmless.”

“I went against my instincts and said, OK, do it.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn back time.

In all this time, doctors have not been able to clearly explain Milo’s suffering,” his mother said.

Minnesota, USA

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