Whistleblower Pie Episode #1 February 8,2022

2 years ago

Tonight's guest are Jack Reed, John Bloom and Barbara Bratton

Imagine finding out through neighbors that they have been contacted by law enforcement (FBI) to ask about your "pedophilia tendencies", news to you and to the neighbors.

Imagine if you will records bring used by criminals to file facially materially defective documents to steal land, business and title.

Imagine if you will an innocent woman, found guilty and indited under the COLOR OF LAW following the same hypothicateing segregated condemnation by rebuttable presumption of law. (which are not actually laws, just "ARTFULLY" plead.

But why? At the end of the day its all ESCHEATING meaning these are all Defalcations of the PUBLIC TRUST.

Tonight we welcome Jack Reed, John Bloom and Barbara Bratton to our show. This show is not just bringing forth disgruntled property owners siesen from ESTATES. It is about naming those in contempt of law engaged in more than just embezzlement and exposing how this REMIC ponzi scheme was, and is being used as a financial warfare weapon against the individual PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES. The link to the REMIC in John's case goes way beyond Violation of 18 U.S. Code §1005, Bank Entries, Reports and Transaction.. His holds millions penalties that are being completely overlooked and for which those discussed in here tonight are accountable as accessories after the fact. http://www.disleague.com/POA/LongBeach/

The better question would be why are the courts engaging in such tax evasion?

Remember be prepared, stay vigilant, and keep up your health...


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