Episode 8: Special Report: "Dear Facebook, Stop monkeying around with our page!" 17 min.

1 year ago

In this Special Report, Guest "Old man" Doug Beresford and Corrin Strong discuss all the weird ways in which FB is messing up Corrin's new Facebook page, "Discrimination against the Unvaxxed in NYS"

For more background on Corrin's page see the video Episode 7b: Corrin's Adventures in Facebookland."


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The state is required to respond to Corrin's federal lawsuit complaint by next Monday, after which Corrin will be able to put in one final legal filing. He could really use more evidence of Discrimination against the Unvaxxed in WNY this week. Please report on the Facebook page (If you can get it to work!) by Telegram or email him directly at corrin07@gmail.com

More information about Corrin's lawsuit can be found at:

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