03/24/13 Why Do You Make Bad Decisions? (Archive)

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Teach kids the Lord's Prayer! Do you make good decisions? Do you know yourself? What is salvation? We've been taught wrong.
00:00 Sun, Mar 24, 2013
00:32 Do you know the Lord's Prayer?
07:11 Teach your children the Lord's Prayer!
13:10 Assignment: Make no decision
20:08 Making wrong decisions: Do you know yourself?
34:01 Story: White woman scared of black man!
40:21 What/where is salvation?
49:21 We've been taught wrong about salvation
56:07 Doubt the thoughts, believe the truth
57:50 God gave us salvation
59:32 Closing / Support BOND

BOND Archive Sunday Service, March 24, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson asks people if they know the Lord's Prayer. In school every day, Jesse recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer. Parents should do the same with their children. We then discuss last week's assignment and question: Do you make good decisions? At the Women's Forum the third Thursday, Jesse urged the ladies: Make no decisions. Do you know yourself? Jesse also asks: What and where is salvation? We've been taught in a wrong way; people believe thoughts fed by Satan, so that it's difficult to believe the truth.

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