Can Bitcoin Circumvent Economic Tyranny?- Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, Aleks Svetski, and Dr. Mercola

2 years ago

I’m pleased to bring you two guests — finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts, whom I’ve interviewed before, and Aleksandar Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine. During dinner at an event in Miami, Florida, Svetski helped me understand why Bitcoin stands out head and neck above all the other cryptocurrencies.

Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, Aleksandar Svetski discuss the breakdown of our economy, and potential solutions.
Svetski believes Bitcoin is the answer to economic tyranny, while Austin Fitts believes central bank control mechanisms are still at play within it.
Austin Fitts argues for building a new economy based on health, cooperation, peace and transparency, and recommends investing in things that will keep you alive.
A major hurdle is overcoming the globalists mind control and propaganda influence.
Austin Fitts believes a successful transition requires preventing the control grid from coming into place, and clawing back the money that has been stolen. Since 1998, at least $21 trillion, and perhaps as much as $100 trillion, has been stolen from the U.S. government .

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