Rolling Back Public Health Emergency Powers & Abolishing the CDC

Published February 6, 2022 5 Views

Rob Natelson, Director, Independence Institute’s Constitutional Studies Center

Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson will be joining us. He was a law professor for 25 years and taught, among other subjects, Constitutional Law, Advanced Constitutional Law, Constitutional History, and First Amendment. He is now Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank in Denver.

Rob has published extensively on the Constitution and on other subjects in both scholarly and popular outlets. His scholarly output has been cited repeatedly by Supreme Court justices and by courts throughout the land. He is the author of The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant (3rd ed. 2015).

He'll be discussing the constitutionality and purported constitutional basis for the federal regulatory state. He has called for the abolition of agencies such as the NIH and CDC, both on constitutional and on policy grounds

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