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Anti Vaxxers Labeled top 10 threat??! - 25 January 2019

This show was live streamed on 25 January 2019

Long story short, Vaccines don't work, the side effects are worse than the disease and there's billions of dollars per year at stake in keeping this scam going, so spending millions on demonizing your opponents just makes good business sense at this point.
According to the WHO, being hesitant about vaccines makes you one of the top 10 threats to public health,
But what about the other 9 threats?
The New Zealand media basically ignored them and focused on the "anti-vaxxer" item instead,
deploying what I'd deem inept journalism at best, and horrific enraging lies at worst.
These other 9 threats being touted by the WHO (much like vaccines) are similarly persistent scams financed by the same elite interests.
In summation, our global medical overlords seek to destroy the basic health of mankind,
This so we cannot be healthy enough to think, or resist the coming police state,
simply put, if you destroy human health, you destroy human freedom simultaneously.

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