Where Are The Pastors? Where’s the Modern George Duffield?

2 years ago

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Where are the Pastors?

Where are the Pastors especially the modern pastors who could fill the shoes of George Duffield? Rev. Duffield is the Pastor who I feature and read about virtually to my Grandchildren from ‘The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution.’

This week I just about came to tears at the end of Chapter 37 about George Duffield. I know, as I shake my head, I know there are a number of pastors I have no clue about who are standing for the complete Foundational Biblical living as Rev. Duffield exemplifies. Yet, not to the level that he represents. If they were a shadow of Duffield there would not be any of the present day evils that are destroying our Liberties.

Let me give you this statement from Duffield, even as he knew that the British had put a £50 bounty on his head: See the rest at link above.

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