Tensions Are Brewing Politically Resulting In Massive Growth For Precious Metals Portfolios!!!

2 years ago

The truckers freedom convoy at Parliament Hill in Ottawa is gaining more traction this weekend as more people continue to make their way to the nations capital to protest the vaccine mandates and truckers at the Coutts border in Alberta are also showing no signs of leaving anytime soon. Meanwhile geopolitical tensions continue to brew at the Russia/Ukraine border and all this uncertainty has had many savvy investors who moved their assets into precious metals in anticipation of this now seeing a very nice return. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Alastair Still CEO of Goldmining Inc about how things like the Covid-19(84) nightmare, inflation and supply chain breakdown issues are affecting the precious metals market and most importantly what you can do about it to make sure you come out on top moving forward!

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